Marriage And Goo Have More In Common Than You Think

soap English-French Dictionary WordReference com Sometimes, an emollient is added, such as jojoba oil or shea butter. The scouring agents serve to remove dead cells from the skin surface being cleaned. In the early 1900s, other companies began to develop their own liquid soaps. Such products as Pine-Sol and Tide appeared on the market, making the process of cleaning things other than skin, such as clothing, floors, and bathrooms, much easier. During the Restoration era (February 1665 – August 1714) a soap tax was introduced in England, which meant that until the mid-1800s, soap was a luxury, used regularly only by the well-to-do. The soap manufacturing process was closely supervised by revenue officials who made sure that soapmakers' equipment was kept under lock and key when not being supervised. All very innocent — moving lawn furniture a block down the street, soap ing windows, leaving stink bombs on porches and moving outhouses. But all that soaping up, as well as dry air, c